"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
  But, in practice, there is.
-Yogi Berra        

'dynamic development' 

TimeDerivative is committed to enhancing the value of your enterprise through superior and timely professional performance. Our associates offer a wide range of services focused on assisting with developing technology businesses, engineering wireless networking technologies with specialization in emerging wireless body-area networks and sensors, Standards, and Regulatory Affairs. Our goal is to produce high-quality solutions for you and your organization. We also offer continuing education Training Courses in fulfillment of Registered Professional Engineer license renewal requirements

Our associates specialize in:
  • Body Area Networks (BAN) and sensors
  • Ultra-wideband (UWB), 60 GHz, Terahertz radio technologies
  • Time-reversal technologies
  • Product development strategies
  • Intellectual property and patent assessments, Expert Witness
  • Standards and standards strategies
  • IEEE 802.xx PHY and MAC
  • ITU-R and regulatory processes and strategies
  • Media-centric wireless PAN technologies
  • Communications systems and Architecture
  • RF exposure and safety assessment
  • Tutorials, seminars, presentations
  • Antennas, propagation, electromagnetics
  • MIMO systems
  • Internet Technology, and Internet Security

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