"Examples ... which might be multiplied ad libitum, show how difficult it often is for an experimenter to interpret his results without the aid of mathematics."
-John William Strutt, Third Baron Rayleigh  

TimeDerivative Associates
are experienced authors and technical editors. Our associates' published and edited works include:
  • several textbooks
  • text book chapters
  • peer-reviewed journal articles
  • technical standards
  • technical white papers and reports

We've published on topics such as:

  • Radiowave Propagation
  • Ultra-Wideband technology
  • UWB Channel Models
  • Interoperability modes for UWB system
  • Antennas
  • MIMO technology
  • RF Exposure and RF Safety
  • Signals in multipath
  • FDTD simulations of UWB transmissions
  • Contributions to FCC OET Bulletins

Our technical editing efforts includes

  • IEEE802 802.15 Standards
  • IEEE 1394 Standards
  • ITU-R Submissions and Documents

TimeDerivative, Inc. 
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